Serhii Filonenko

I’m a multidisciplinary designer focused on interaction design and telling stories through digital mediums. I experiment with different tools and materials trying to develop different ways of creating immersive experiences. My concept of designing is based on a simple principle:

A good product is not only a beautiful or functional thing. It's a living organism that interacts with a person through an image, sound, and touch. An organism that has unique behavior and language.

Having a background in biology and the skill of system thinking I’m looking for opportunities to make designs that naturally interact with viewers and entertain them by surprise.


Deep Seek

Mobile application

Year: 2021
Design: Serhii Filonenko, Masha Pavlova, Ksenia Langueva
3D: Serhii Filonenko, Masha Pavlova
Team Lead: Denis Valetin

A meditation and self-awareness for modern creatives. It offers four meditative experience which helps understand yourself better.

About the concept
Our mission was to create a unique user experience for the insightful and fun meditation process. We believe everyone can affect feelings and live fulfilled lives using this knowledge. So we propose this app as an experiment where people can see a connection between our feeling and emotions during everyday life. See how they affect our decisions and take on some activities that will help you improve emotional balance.

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