Serhii Filonenko

I’m a multidisciplinary designer focused on interaction design and telling stories through digital mediums. I experiment with different tools and materials trying to develop different ways of creating immersive experiences. My concept of designing is based on a simple principle:

A good product is not only a beautiful or functional thing. It's a living organism that interacts with a person through an image, sound, and touch. An organism that has unique behavior and language.

Having a background in biology and the skill of system thinking I’m looking for opportunities to make designs that naturally interact with viewers and entertain them by surprise.


Easter Cake

Animation movie

Year: 2023

Special thanks to Julia Zamiatina, Iryna Malynina, jw_tinyworld.

A brief recipe video of cooking an Easter cake when you are a karate rabbit.

The Idea
There is a tradition in Ukraine of cooking a special cake called Paska. It’s a simple sweet yeast bread served at Easter and prepared a few days before it. I decided to animate this story of baking when we came to our friends this year to bake some paskas.
Both characters are symbols of the holiday: a rabbit and a chick. Together they unite to bake a perfect paska and celebrate Easter. 

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