Serhii Filonenko

I’m a multidisciplinary designer focused on interaction design and telling stories through digital mediums. I experiment with different tools and materials trying to develop different ways of creating immersive experiences. My concept of designing is based on a simple principle:

A good product is not only a beautiful or functional thing. It's a living organism that interacts with a person through an image, sound, and touch. An organism that has unique behavior and language.

Having a background in biology and the skill of system thinking I’m looking for opportunities to make designs that naturally interact with viewers and entertain them by surprise.


Katya Buchatska

Portfolio Website

Year: 2023
Role: Architecture, Design, Development on Webflow

Katya Buchatska is an artist from Kyiv (Ukraine). She works in various media such as sculpture, installation, photography, painting, video

Live website

The Idea
A physical portfolio book functions as a dynamic collection of images. Imagine translating this concept into a website: it raises the intriguing question of whether the website is an independent entity or merely a digital extension of the original book or album, now presented in a new environment. This project aims to explore and showcase this interplay between traditional and digital mediums, highlighting how each environment influences the perception and experience of visual content.

References and visual language. We make the digital experience more physical and graphical by using simple graphics, black-and-white elements and tables with contrast dividers.

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