Serhii Filonenko

I’m a multidisciplinary designer focused on interaction design and telling stories through digital mediums. I experiment with different tools and materials trying to develop different ways of creating immersive experiences. My concept of designing is based on a simple principle:

A good product is not only a beautiful or functional thing. It's a living organism that interacts with a person through an image, sound, and touch. An organism that has unique behavior and language.

Having a background in biology and the skill of system thinking I’m looking for opportunities to make designs that naturally interact with viewers and entertain them by surprise.


Silent Loneliness


Year: 2022

Materials: canvas, paper
Size: 30x30x2 cm (each)

Loneliness is watching outside and seeing how the world lights up lamp after lamp.

Loneliness is sterility. It appears together with an almost imperceptible barrier that separates a person from the world: me and others, we and others. Usually, loneliness is quiet and hardly noticeable from the outside. In my work, I pay attention to the sterility of two types.

  • The first type is the loneliness of one person surrounded by many other interconnected people. This person is symbolized at the central point in the triptych.

  • The second type is the sterility of the environment. The paper is on the verge of its original plane state and approaching it. It is both an environment and a barrier for entire communities that exist in it.

At the night, it lights up from the inside, imitating windows of the world outside.

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